Replacing Your Office Chair with a Ball

January 28, 2014 Posted by Brodigan

girl on ergonomic chairIf you work in an office, chances are that you’ve seen a yoga ball chair used as a ergonomic seat.  This new phenomena is becoming extremely popular in the modern office. The US is a very work-driven society.  We work long hours, hard hours, and stress levels can skyrocket under the gun. Only in the last decade or two, awareness has started to shift.  We’ve begun to take a look at the choices we make and how they affect us on a holistic level, not just a professional level. Health has become a priority, and its for the betterment of our society.

People are starting to bring fitness into the workplace and one of the easiest ways this has been made possible is through the use of a Modeets | Exercise Ball.  These chairs have been adapted from polyurethane yoga balls, commonly used for core strength workouts. Besides being a great piece of workout equipment, the advantages of using this product as a seat are numerous.  Read reviews about these excellent ball chair products at:

Benefits of Using a Ball Chair

Posture – One of the main benefits of using this type of seat is the posture enhancement effect. As you can see in the photo above, there is no back to the seat. The design forces the sitter to sit upright with a straight back. This is a much better position to remain in for the length of your working day as opposed to slouching forward or leaning back, which will definitely take its toll on your spine.

Core Development – Because you’re forced to sit up, the muscles that keep you upright are known as the core muscles. They include the abs, the obliques, and the lumbar muscles of the back. These muscles must engage in order to keep you upright.  So it’s like you’re getting a workout while you’re working.  Why not develop a 6 pack when you’re developing your career?


My Introduction to Kneeling Chairs

January 6, 2014 Posted by Brodigan

two women sitting on kneeling stoolsI was first introduced to kneeling chairs when I was auditing a small company here in San Diego, CA towards the beginning of my career in 2005. As part of my job, the first two things I do when I visit a place of business is:

  1. Conduct a quick survey to determine the ergonomic knowledge level of a company
  2. Take a walk throughout the office to see if people are:
    1. Practicing their ergonomics
    2. Have the proper equipment (desk, keyboard, chair, etc) to work safely

As I took my stroll throughout this small office of roughly 50 employees, I noticed a peculiar chair being used by a gentleman named Jeff. He was sat down with his knees resting on a pad.  There was no back on the chair, yet Jeff was sitting in a perfect ergonomic position.

I was immediately interested in this solution so I dug in and started to do the research to see if it works. Most certainly. There are a few key features that enable the kneeling chair to be one of the best sitting solutions out there.

Kneeling Chair Benefits

  • The seat angle: As you can notice in the picture above, the seat slopes down.  This has a relieving affect on the hip flexor muscles.  Typically, over long periods of time, the hip flexors start to tighten. They’re simply not stretched enough when you sit at a desk for 8+ hours per day. Since these muscles are directly attached to the back, pain usually occurs. The increased angle of the seat encourages the hip flexors to stay open and not contract.
  • The lack of a back rest: The back rest can be your worst enemy for back pain or your best friend. It becomes a burden when you don’t align it vertically, or you don’t press your back against the entire length of the rest.  If you do both of these things, I can assure that you’ll decrease your chances of back pain.  The problem is most of the time, we forget. We start to slouch and potentially injure our backs.  The brilliance of the kneeling chair is that it removes the back rest out of the equation.  You simply have to sit vertically or you’ll fall off the chair.

I decided to give the chair a personal test drive and got one for myself.  I found an online review site called where I was able to see ranking on these products.  After giving it a personal go, I can attest that these are great ergonomic products. I wouldn’t recommend switching 100% over to a kneeling chair, at first they can be uncomfortable, but overtime your back will really appreciate what you’re doing for it.

Watch this video to learn more:


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